Fire brigade plans

The fire brigade plan contains tactical information for the fire brigade. The fire fighters must be able to determine the best way to extinguish a fire quickly on site. The information in the plans must therefore be presented in a technically correct manner in accordance with DIN 14095 and at the same time easy to understand.

There are fire brigade plans for every property. The main entrances and deployment routes, the sources of danger – e.g. from explosive substances – the locations of fire alarm centers, key depots and hydrants as well as stairwells and fire protection doors can be recognized in color and with symbols.

Fire brigade plans are required on the basis of the SBauVO for the following objects, among others:

  • Places of assembly Section 42, Paragraph 3
  • Accommodation establishments (> 60 guest beds) Section 57 Paragraph 3
  • Sales outlets Section 86 Paragraph 3
  • Skyscrapers Section 117 Paragraph 2

In addition, there may be an obligation to keep a fire brigade plan available:

  • from section 5.14.2 IndBauR (industrial buildings> 2,000 m²)
  • from section 7.3 of the guideline on building supervision requirements for the construction and operation of facilities with care and support services
  • based on the technical connection requirements (TAB) for fire alarm systems
  • on the basis of Section 50 (1) BauO NRW (comparable rules also in other federal states)

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