Creation of the fire protection regulations

Part A is aimed at everyone who is in the building. Corresponding fire protection regulations must be clearly visible, for example in hallways, halls or elevators. So wherever there is a lot of public traffic. There should also be a corresponding notice in accordance with DIN 14096 on the interior doors of hotel rooms and seminar rooms.

Part B is aimed at all people who are not only temporarily in the building. These can be employees of a company or house residents. The fire protection regulations DIN 14096 Part B should be made available to the affected group of people in the form of a brochure or leaflet after having been instructed personally.

Part C is aimed at people with special fire protection tasks. These can be safety officers or special fire protection officers. This part of the fire protection regulations includes, among other things, alarm plans and safety measures for people, the environment and property that come into play in an emergency.

contains the following information:

  • Report a fire, inform the fire brigade, bring it to safety and do attempt to extinguish it
  • Part B contains, among other things, information on fire prevention, escape and rescue routes, alarm and extinguishing systems and what to do in the event of a fire.
  • Part C provides information on organizational precautions for fire prevention, alarm plans, safety measures for people, the environment and property, securing the escape routes and preparations for the use of the fire brigade.

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