Carrying out inspections

Safety inspections should be carried out at all workplaces at regular intervals. As part of these inspections, deficiencies can be documented and solutions sought to eliminate these deficiencies in occupational safety. We pay attention to all regulations applicable in your industry.

Companies with more than 20 employees also need at least one safety officer according to Section 20 (1) of the accident prevention regulation “Principles of Prevention” (BGV A1). They ensure that protective devices and equipment are available and inform colleagues about behavior that is unsafe or unhealthy, for example wearing personal protective equipment (hard hat, protective gloves, etc.).

  • Safety inspections
  • Fire protection inspections
  • Inventory and defect management
  • Inspection in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV)
  • Inspection of warning systems
  • Examination of ladders and steps
  • Shelf checks
  • Hazardous substance tests
  • Inspection of smoke alarm systems
  • Inspection of hold-open systems
  • Inspection of fire doors

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