Provision of an internal and external fire protection officer

A fire protection officer protects employees and buildings from damage caused by fires and explosions at the organizational level. For entrepreneurs, fires are a terrible disaster and reason enough to deal with fire prevention in the long term. Failure to observe basic fire protection rules is often the cause of fires. When building permits are issued for buildings, fire protection officers are often required by law – not only for new buildings, but also for extensions.

The tasks of a fire protection officer include:

  • the creation of fire protection regulations,
  • the organization of fire safety training and
  • the regular implementation of fire protection inspections.
  • Creation of escape and rescue plans
  • Creation of alarm and emergency plans

As safety engineers, we advise you on preventive fire protection and inform you about the most important rules for fire protection and their practical application. These are among others:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG)
  • Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV)
  • Technical rules for workplaces A1.3 (ASR A1.3 – safety and health labeling)
  • Technical rules for workplaces A2.3 (ASR A2.3 – escape routes and emergency exits, escape and rescue plan)
  • Trade association information (BGI) 560 Occupational safety through preventive fire protection
  • Trade association information (BGI) 562 fire protection

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