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Hazardous substances


Hazardous substances

When working with hazardous substances or if hazardous substances are produced during activities, a company is obliged to determine the hazards posed by the substances. According to the German Chemicals Act (ChemG), substances or mixtures of substances are considered hazardous if they exhibit at least one hazard characteristic. These characteristics include, for example, the risk of explosion, toxicity, corrosiveness or flammability. Substances with hazardous properties must be recorded by the company, the hazards categorised and reference made to safety measures and data sheets. The labelling and handling of hazardous substances is regulated in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV).

If it is not possible to dispense with the handling of the hazardous substance and more harmless substances or substance mixtures cannot be used as a substitute, we will support you with the following measures:

  • Procurement of safety data sheets from the manufacturer, importer or distributor of the hazardous substances
  • Preparation of operating instructions in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV)
  • Creation of a hazardous substances register
  • Introduction of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Instruction of employees

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Health and Safety Experts is committed to continuing to develop in all areas of our service and to offering our customers modern, up-to-date and flexible solutions. This is why we now also offer a digital solution in the area of hazardous substances for the optimal handling, coordination and documentation of hazardous substances for every company.

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Hazardous substances software

Is the aim to simplify hazardous substance management throughout the company?

Our hazardous substance management system is the ideal solution for occupational safety, health and environmental protection. Our hazardous substance application simplifies the management of all information on work and hazardous substances.
The helpful tools in this software make it easy to comply with national and international regulations on handling hazardous substances and dangerous goods.


💻 Digital management: Management of hazardous substances and the digital 

🔍 Precise analysis: Analyse hazardous substances quickly and precisely 

📝 Clear rules: Clearly define the rules for all parties involved and review existing protective measures.

Data on demand

All information on working materials, hazardous substances and dangerous goods, available with one click.

Clear guidelines

Create clear rules for handling hazardous substances for greater safety and clear processes.

Compliance with the regulations

Compliance with industry standards, from substance labelling to transport documents

Always up to date

Automated reminders ensure that important documents are regularly updated.

Function overview

Application for hazardous substances

Hazardous substance register with a system

Our hazardous substance software offers an efficient solution for the management of hazardous substances. It has a clear list of hazardous substances, systematic management of documentation requirements and a simple information search function. In addition, standardised testing and approval procedures ensure the safe handling of hazardous substances.


Management of safety data sheets (SDS)

Our hazardous substance software offers an efficient solution for the management of hazardous substances. It has a clear list of hazardous substances, a systematicSafety data sheets are essential for the use of chemicals to determine the properties of the substances and possible hazards.
It is therefore of great importance that the safety-relevant information is always updated. This is precisely where our software provides support - and at the same time offers maximum convenience in the storage of SDSs, version control and reordering.e management of documentation requirements and simple information searches. In addition, standardised testing and approval procedures ensure the safe handling of hazardous substances.


Track hazardous substance exposures with precision

Exposure at the workplace to CMR substances - hazardous substances with carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic properties - poses a significant health risk to employees. It is crucial to carefully document all exposures in accordance with §14 GefStoffV. With our application we have a streamlined process that involves all parties for precise documentation.

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Operating instructions for hazardous substances

Our software solution simplifies the creation of operating instructions for handling hazardous substances, which are required by law in accordance with Section 14 of the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV). Thanks to skilful information management, our software provides generally applicable information for each hazardous substance, from which specific operating instructions can be easily derived, even for large quantities. With just a few clicks, customised content is generated for different areas of application of a hazardous substance, saving time and effort.


Stay on course when transporting hazardous goods

Our software offers the ideal solution for the management of dangerous goods. The central dangerous goods register is an indispensable resource for planning road, rail and water-based dangerous goods transport. Nothing is left to chance thanks to automated authorisation checks that give you full control. It takes just a few clicks to create transport documents that comply with regulations!


"Our aim was to develop an application that simplifies the entire hazardous substance management process and enables centralised mapping. "

Easy entry

We are happy to support you with
the introduction to our software.
Regardless of whether it is the transfer of data
from the old system,
the customisation of interfaces
or the implementation of new processes,
Our team provides active support.

We offer user training
Whether digital or on site, just as you wish
and are happy to provide information material. 

Even after implementation, we are
our customers there to solve problems
and during implementation in the company

We are always at your disposal.

to the
Fire protection assistants * in

We are at your side every step of the way when it comes to questions about our software and beyond. 

Whether for our new customers or for our long-standing existing customers, we will find a solution that meets their requirements.

Our team answers all questions, from clarification of classifications to support in the selection of information sources and the common interpretation of regulations.

Thanks to our involvement in various committees and the continuous exchange of technical information, we at HSE Health & Safety Experts always have an overview and take into account the current views of authorities and industry representatives.

Our software


We are happy to make changes at the customer's request and customise parts of the software to meet their needs. Questions, ideas for improvement and requests are always welcome. Contact us

In short

Effortless management of your hazardous substance documents. Always remain compliant with all legal regulations and optimise your own processes at the same time.
From the creation of safety data sheets to the integration of hazardous substance management into in-house IT - our software can be fully customised to meet individual requirements. Benefit from simple administration, comprehensive rights management and maximum data security.
Start using it immediately!

The software is still in beta test status. Do you want to know more? We would be happy to speak to interested parties personally. Click here.

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