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Fire protection

Our services

Your added value from our services

● Legally compliant and practice-orientated fire protection concepts
● Cooperation with building authorities, building cooperatives and supervisory authorities
● Clear strategy & reliable systems for fire prevention
● Europe-wide network for internationally operating companies
● Automated processes and centralised document storage
● Short communication channels with one contact person
● On-site appointments or online counselling

Ensuring corporate success

A fire can threaten the existence of a company. Do you and your employees know what to do in an emergency?

To ensure compliance with fire protection regulations, our fire protection experts, occupational safety specialists and safety engineers ensure a safe working environment in your company.

+ Avoidance of fire damage and associated consequential costs
+ Increase in earnings through planning reliability
+ Image enhancement
+ Legal certainty during operation
+ Fulfilment of official requirements
+ Increase employee satisfaction and performance
+ Structured fire protection right from the construction phase
+ Time and cost savings when implementing fire protection measures
+ Prevent production losses

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