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Appointment of an internal and external fire safety officer


Appointment of an internal and external fire safety officer

At an organisational level, a fire safety officer protects employees and buildings from damage caused by fires and explosions. For business owners, fires are a major disaster and reason enough to take a long-term approach to fire prevention. Failure to comply with basic fire safety regulations is often the cause of fires. When planning permission is granted for buildings, fire safety officers are often required by law - not only for new builds, but also for extensions.

The tasks of a fire safety officer include

  • the creation of fire safety regulations,
  • the organisation of fire safety instructions and
  • the regular organisation of fire safety inspections.
  • Creation of escape and rescue plans
  • Creation of alarm and emergency plans

As safety engineers, we advise you on preventive fire protection and inform you about the most important fire protection regulations and their practical application. These include

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG)
  • Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV)
  • Technical rule for workplaces A1.3 (ASR A1.3 - Safety and health labelling)
  • Technical rule for workplaces A2.3 (ASR A2.3 - Escape routes and emergency exits, escape and rescue plan)
  • Employer's Liability Insurance Association Information (BGI) 560 Occupational safety through preventive fire protection
  • Employer's Liability Insurance Association Information (BGI) 562 Fire protection

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