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Requirements for fire protection regulations


Requirements for fire protection regulations

The fire protection regulations in accordance with DIN 14096 set out rules for behaviour in the event of a fire. Both the correct procedure in the event of a fire and the necessary means of firefighting are focussed on. The alerting of the fire brigade and precautions for rescuing endangered persons are defined.

Our services for the creation of fire protection regulations Part A, Part B, Part C in accordance with DIN 14096 include

  • Elaboration of the fire protection regulations with regard to the specific work processes and facilities in consultation with the operator of the property
  • Conducting coordination meetings with the responsible fire service departments
  • Finalising the drafts of the fire safety regulations
  • Creation of common data formats on a data carrier
  • Fire safety training for your staff
  • Notice: Behaviour in case of fire (fire safety regulations part A)

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