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Implementation of the fire safety regulations


Implementation of the fire safety regulations

Part A is aimed at all persons present in the building. The corresponding fire safety regulations must be clearly visible, for example in corridors, halls or lifts. In other words, wherever there is a lot of public traffic. A corresponding notice in accordance with DIN 14096 should also be displayed on the inside doors of hotel rooms and seminar rooms.

Part B is aimed at all persons who are not only temporarily present in the building. These may be employees of a company or residents of the building. The fire safety regulations DIN 14096 Part B should be made available to the group of persons concerned in the form of a brochure or leaflet after personal instruction if possible.

Part C is aimed at persons with special fire protection tasks. These may be safety officers or special fire safety officers. This part of the fire safety regulations includes alarm plans and safety measures for people, the environment and property that come into play in an emergency.

contains the following information:

  • Report fire, inform fire brigade, bring to safety and attempt to extinguish
  • Part B contains, among other things, information on fire prevention, escape and rescue routes, signalling and extinguishing equipment and behaviour in the event of fire.
  • Part C provides information on organisational precautions for fire prevention, alarm plans, safety measures for people, the environment and property, securing escape routes and preparations for the deployment of the fire brigade.

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